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March 22 2008

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Ariel Pink - Wait For Kate

March 17 2008

March 01 2008

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Sandow: Born In The GDR
So many years ago I heard this song. But it's still around. 

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February 29 2008

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Dirty Projectors @ Death By Audio: August 2007
Yeah, I'll see them live next sunday!

February 21 2008

1003 1323 390
Rambo Death Chart
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February 15 2008

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Feel Free! - Part 3 

February 14 2008

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Feel Free! - Part 2
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Feel Free! - Part 1
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Unique body language... impossible to imitate.  Anyway, i`m impressed by Sam Riley`s work in  "Control".
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Without Words

February 12 2008

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havn't seen this movie yet... maybe tomorrow
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Feed me with your kiss!

February 10 2008

Feed them with your clicks!

February 08 2008

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Can - Vitamin C

February 07 2008

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Tuxedomoon - No Tears
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